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Learn About Me

Life long learning for the joy and curiosity of learning has been the driving force of my life. While growing up in Cambridge public housing and attending Cambridge public schools, I tested into the city's gifted and talented program leading me to enroll in the Intensive Studies Program in elementary School. From there, I won a dance and academic scholarship to The Cambridge School of Weston where I discovered my passion for writing, social justice, and basketball, and where I led our basketball team to multiple league championships. I went on to play basketball at Wellesley college where I got hiccups before every game for almost two seasons, leading me to return to my love of dance, but specifically salsa, Afro- Brazilian, and Haitian dance. At Wellesley, I elected to live on the edge of campus in a vegetarian Feminist co-op where my love of plant based cooking began. As a sophomore, I was chosen as a Mellon Mays fellow, won a Chinese studies scholarship to study Gender and Development at the University of West Indies, Jamaica.

After graduating with a bachelors in Anthropolgy, I traveled abroad and worked in education for five years prior to settling in Newton, MA.  By working in the evenings as a caterer at the Seaport Hotel and tutoring inner city youth after school with the Bell Foundation, I was able to complete my graduate program in women's health and spiritual formation at Andover Newton School of Theology, now at Yale University.

While my thesis and life's work centered women's health, my husband and I began experiencing repeated miscarriages which re-directed and deepened my focus on maternal health and wellness for women of color. After being at home with my son for a year, I officially began coaching parents as a federal Home Visitor with Early Headstart where I regularly had a wait-list of parents of all backgrounds seeking to work with me. I had finally found my calling and a way to bring all of my life experiences together in this role. You can read more about my experience during that time here.

After having my daughter and becoming a Certified Lactation Counselor with the support of Vital Village, Boston, I decided I wanted more formal training to expand my health advocacy role. I am delighted that I will become a part time Boston University School of Social Work student next year.  In the meantime, I am growing Burst of Life Coaching in order to continue meeting the needs of families and individuals across this state and beyond. 

Be Well,
Waetie Sanaa